A performance-exhibition which links choreography, architecture and socrealist representations of the body.

A unique project by the Zagreb theatre collective BADco., the performance-exhibition Foundation Pit was premiered in 2018 at the Richter Collection in Zagreb. The project begins from the research of the utopian premises for the planning of the future of housing, socialisation and exchange and the direct connection of life expectancy with their realisation. In the tension between imagination, work, youth and death, BADco. with collaborators from the fields of dance, architecture, design and music, they explore the contemporary role of artists in the relationships of production and artistic practices.

This performative exploration of the legacy of utopian construction of the 20th century explores the mega-structures of Vjenceslav Richter from the late 1960s (Synthurbanism, Heliopolis), the conceptual meta-structures of the American architect Lebbeus Woods, and the dystopian-satirical novel by Andrei Platonov The Foundation Pit.

The performance-exhibition The Foundation Pit choreographically explores the specific structural principles and gravitational actuality of architectural design and the socrealist representations of the body. In early Soviet socrealist depictions of accentuated physical strength, revolutionary fervour and the idealised future the very figure of a young girl represented society as a whole.