An artistic installation inspired by maritime heritage and algorithms.

The town of Mali Lošinj is a place where one can observe the impact of tourism on the towns of Kvarner, as well as its rich tradition linked to maritime affairs and shipbuilding. Several metres from the centre of the town there is an active shipyard.

The attention of internationally recognised artist Liam Gillick is focused on the very start of the waterfront in Mali Lošinj, not far from the shipyard. His realisation of an artistic work of an impressive structure outlines the questions connected to maritime affairs and an emphasis of the importance of the town of Mali Lošinj as one of the essential places of the maritime routes in the Kvarner Bay.

In his work the artist refers to the computer algorithm A* [A star] which is used to find the fastest and most optimal way between two points by using nodes. In maritime transport such an algorithm is used on ships to calculate the best and fastest way from a departure point to a destination by using existing routes. In this way Gillick simultaneously recognises as well as honours Mali Lošinj as a historically important point within the charted routes over the Adriatic Sea.

The artist’s installation, using industrial materials, refers to the development of modern and, above all, postmodern art, and complements the atmosphere of the place and its openness towards the history of the local community and its cultural development.

In collaboration with the production team of Lungomare Art, the artist created a detailed final artistic solution which was submitted to the City of Mali Lošinj along with the accompanying technical documentation. Construction of the installation has been postponed due to a drop in financial revenues caused by the Covid – 19 pandemic.