A gathering of experts in the field of audience development from all over Europe.

The five-day summer school about audience development, which is held in Rijeka 21st – 25th September 2020, together with a two-day conference on 24th and 25th September 2020, is a part of ADESTE+ project. A policy forum, which brings together the representatives of national and local bodies in the field of culture and a foundation working in culture, is also being held within these events. The events bring together cultural workers, artists, cultural organisations and institutions and representatives of public authorities in cultural policy, as well a foundation in culture, that, through a multi-day programme, acquire new knowledge and skills and exchange information and experiences in the areas of audience development and cultural participation. 

The Audience DEvelopment STrategies for cultural organisations in Europe (ADESTE+) project deals with research and development of innovative approaches to audience development. Over the course of four years, 15 partners from seven European countries will carry out a number of activities for cultural organisations, cultural professionals, a target audience, policy and decision-makers with the aim of strengthening the personal and organisational capacities of different stakeholders in the field of audience development. The activities include research, capacity-building workshops for partners, implementing the audience development programme in partner organisations, workshops through which knowledge is transferred across organisations, summer schools, discussions, peer-to-peer sessions, forums for stakeholders engaged in cultural policies in the field of audience development, etc. Summer schools are being held in Lisbon (2019), Rijeka (2020) and Turin (2021).