A project that brings together artists and the community in a series of small-scale community art projects.

Kortil Live brings together associations and organisations from different sectors – culture, education, science, sport and ecology with the main purpose of implementing activities in collaboration with the community, that is, with different target groups, such as neighbourhood residents, educational institutions, informal youth groups, pensioners’ associations, people with disabilities and gifted students.

The project has been conceived as a continuous process that starts with a workshop-style mapping of the urban area of Sušak, research into citizens’ habits and needs and their perception of culture. The idea is to create an informed relationship with the public space through creative interventions in it and contribute to the harmonisation and development of collaborative relationships in the community. Artistic actions and artist engagement are part of the activities that reveal new models of collaboration and channels of communication with the community while respecting its needs, wishes and expectations. The project offers the possibility of the stronger identification of citizens with the public space and the public’s activity in general, strengthens the recognisability of micro-urban identity and the possibility for culture to become a more visible and present segment of everyday life.

Kortil Live is implemented in the neighbourhood that includes the area around Rječina and part of Sušak and its topics are rooted in the rich and layered historical, cultural and political symbolism of this urban area, as well as in the personal experiences and memories of its residents.

The project also features workshops, curatorial and artistic projects, interventions in the public space, exhibitions, fairs, lectures, actions and activities in the public space, street art and festivals.

The artists participating in the programme are Martina Zelenika (HR), Mislav Lešić (HR), Dorian Šikić (HR), Velid Đekić (HR) and others, with Jolanda Todorović (HR) as the programme curator.