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Applause please
This autumn, between 4th and 6th September, Rijeka 2020 will be devoting an international three-day seminar 'Applause please' to one of the hottest topics of today - audience development.

Seminar on Audience development

Sep 4th – 6th, 2017 Rijeka, Croatia

Understanding the profile and needs of future users of cultural and social content is a significant challenge. Overcoming it is the key for successful implementation of the European Capital of Culture programme. Therefore, in order to create a successful, long-term strategy for audience development and involvement, we must understand and differentiate between the different profiles of our potential audience. Among audience development experts who will share with us their knowledge and expericence during this exciting seminar participants will meet and exchange with: Alessandra Garibaldi (Fitzcarraldo), Cristina Da Milano (ECCOM), Jonathan Goodacre (The Audience Agency), Armelle Stépien (Théâtre national de la Colline), Sofia Tsilidou (NEMO; Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, Greece), Niels Righolt (Danish Centre for Arts & Interculture), Paul Bogen (Olivearte Culture Agency), Mary McCarthy (Cork 2005) and Agata Etmanowitz (Impact Foundation). The seminar will feature lectures, workshops and numerous examples of good practice. 'Applause please' is intended for managers and persons in charge of marketing, sales and audience entertainment in cultural organisations/institutions, directors, employees of ECoC agencies that are preparing to implement the title, as well as for the partner organisations of Rijeka 2020. The number of participants is limited. The participants will be selected according to their professional experience, need for professional training and the motivation.

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