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The RoUm Rijeka Art Colony will gather craftsmen, artisans, artists and experts to create home decorations – out of waste!

Within the Kitchen programme line, which deals with minorities and migration, an art colony – the RoUm Rijeka – will take place in Rijeka from 11 to 21 June.

Local and foreign craftsmen, artisans, artists and experts will gather in Rijeka to create unique objects of applied art for home decoration out of waste. The participants will engage in inclusive design by creating objects in cooperation with citizens and the Roma community, interacting with the local environment through the use of existing and discarded things.

The project is implemented by RoUm – a social entrepreneurship project that brings together artists and members of the Roma community to jointly create and help save discarded things whose stories they record and then sell for the purpose of supporting the company’s activity.

The art colony starts with the “Ugly donation” campaign where citizens of Rijeka are invited to donate their ugliest things so they can be redesigned until 11 June 2018.
The artist colony will include:

● Wood and metal processing (11 – 16 June, from 9 am to 4 pm)
○ Leader – Milan Mitrović
○ Artists Igor Lenart, Morana Stinčić, Denis Erdelji, Nina Rukavina and Meike Staats, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

● Textile processing (16 – 18 June, from 9 am to 4 pm)
○ Leader – Jagoda Novak
○ Designers: Tajči Čikada, Iva Šamanić

● Presentation of RoUm (15 June at 6 pm, Furioza Cycle / Open Delta, Delta 5/II)

● Workshop: digital storytelling about objects (16 – 21 June, from 11 am to 4 pm), Fran Krsto Frankopan elementary school, Brod na Kupi)
○ Leader – Siniša Musić
○ Lecturer: Nadia Berg
The Art Colony will finish with a high-profile round table discussion “Inclusive Design in Rijeka and from Rijeka” and an exhibition of products and stories on 21 June at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art starting at 11 am. As part of the event, a children’s workshop will be held where a small puppet theatre will be created out of waste.