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ic-date-accent 1/4 - 30/12
Sweet & Salt

POSTPONED! Školjić 2.0

The programme includes spatial and programmatic interventions in public areas and other spaces with the aim of the revitalisation of the wider area of Školjić, i.e. the zone along the Rječina river. The programme is being implemented through the close collaboration with the citizens who live, and the organisations that operate, in this area.

ic-date-accent 18/4 - 31/10
Sweet & Salt

City in the Clouds – The Terraces of the Skyscrapers at Kozala

The roofs of skyscrapers are becoming gardens for herbs, spaces for birthday parties or even a place for literary evenings and other cultural events. The newly-formed spaces are principally spaces for a new form of coexistence for all the residents of the tower blocks, although at specific times they will also open to the interested…

ic-date-accent 22/4 - 31/12
Sweet & Salt

Rijeka of Murals – Escif (ES)

The social and economic texture of the city is sealed in Rijeka's urban fabric.

ic-date-accent 1/5 - 31/12
Children’s House, Sweet & Salt

Balthazar’s Uragan Boat – Benussi & the Fish – Dorja Benussi (HR) and Ivan Benussi (RS)

We’re turning the old boat Uragan into a children’s playground with a view of Balthazartown!

ic-date-accent 1/5 - 30/6
Sweet & Salt

The Sound Carburettor – Damir Martinović Mrle and Ivanka Mazurkijević (HR)

The Sound Carburettor is a strange invention, a project which has been devised by a group of creators who with the help of sound and water create a sculpture of salt. It is an integral part of a unique project by Damir Martinović Mrle and Ivanka Mazurkijević in which music encompasses the central mission –…

ic-date-accent 15/5 - 15/9
Sweet & Salt

Tent for an Urban Nomad

Short-term residencies for urban nomads allow them, as participants of this artistic installation, to be active factors of the cultural and entertainments programme in Exportdrvo and the rest of the Rijeka 2020 - European Capital of Culture programme, and an opportunity opens up for the people of Rijeka to exchange knowledge and experiences with young…

ic-date-accent 15/5 - 31/10
Sweet & Salt

Fiume Fantastika: Phenomena of the City

The multimedia Fiume Fantastika exhibition interprets the modern history of the dramatic urban development of Rijeka and the region by following the overlapping of social and architectural projects. Based on many years of research, the exhibition follows 150 years of the urban history of Rijeka during which the city has experienced radical growth and become…

ic-date-accent 15/5 - 31/10
Sweet & Salt

Delta Pool – SKROZ – Margita Grubiša, Marin Jelčić, Daniela Škarica and Ivana Žalac (HR)

Despite the context of the seemingly uninviting Mrtvi Kanal waterway and port infrastructure, a spatial intervention in the form of a temporary land-based bathing site has been designed on Grobnička Riva. In the centre of the city, the Delta Pool endeavours to bring the culture of bathing back to the people of Rijeka and all…

ic-date-accent 21/5 - 30/10
Sweet & Salt

The Molo Longo Sun Deck – Ida Križaj Leko (HR) and Ana Boljar (HR)

A series of platforms placed on the outer side of Molo Longo offers relaxation and a tactile encounter with the sea.

ic-date-accent 28 - 31/5
Sweet & Salt

Future Architecture Platform – The Publishing School

What do architectural education, the production of knowledge, the study of potential collaborations and the methods of transversal pedagogy within architectural education look like?

ic-date-accent 13/6
ic-date-accent 1/7
Sweet & Salt

Sailor Sweet & Salt Music Festival

A multidisciplinary project that combines science, art and popular culture and includes a selection of pop, rock and electronic music artists.