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ic-date-accent 12/9 - 31/1
Times of Power

D’Annunzio’s Martyr exhibition

Forming part of the pre-programme of the "Borders – Between Order and Chaos", this exhibition commemorates the 100th anniversary of d'Annunzio's occupation of Rijeka by personifying the city as a woman and alluding to his many mistresses, who were left physically and emotionally drained after he ended their relationship, just like the city of Rijeka

ic-date-accent 6/12 - 31/1
Times of Power

Violins Above Borders / Stradivari in Rijeka – Kresnik and Cremona

The Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka is holding an exhibition entitled “Violins Above Borders / Stradivari in Rijeka – Kresnik and Cremona“ to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Franjo Kresnik, “the man who read violins”, a Rijeka native who made violins and cracked the code to making the…

ic-date-accent 12/7 - 30/9

Stars & Guitars

“Stars & Guitars” is an exhibition, which combines works from Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, Steve Kaufman, Mel Ramos, Kiki Kogelnik and other well-known Pop Art artists with rare guitars from the Infeld Collection.

ic-date-accent 13/8 - 5/9

Bill Vorn (CA): Hysterical Machines

Interactive robotic installation that behaves just like a living being and reacts to visitors.

ic-date-accent 14/8 - 31/10
Sweet & Salt

Fiume Fantastika: Phenomena of the City

The multimedia Fiume Fantastika exhibition interprets the modern history of the dramatic urban development of Rijeka and the region by following the overlapping of social and architectural projects. Based on many years of research, the exhibition follows 150 years of the urban history of Rijeka during which the city has experienced radical growth and become…

ic-date-accent 20/8 - 31/10

The Sea is Glowing

An international group exhibition which deals with the invisible economics linked to the sea. With their works world-respected artists deal with unusual and radical phenomena, from strange online shops to the empires of amateur pornography and other golden coasts.

ic-date-accent 21/8 - 30/9

Terra Effluviens – Nikola Bojić (HR)

An exhibition created as a result of a joint investigation by architects, scientists, hackers and artists shows how forgotten research from 1971 which with Rijeka represents a predecessor of the idea of the Anthropocene can be applied as a tool for the prediction of the future of work and production in a space.

ic-date-accent 27/8 - 18/9

The Scheme of Things – Jennifer Lyn Morone (US)

An interactive and multichannel video installation which examines the theme of the future of work and business, imagining what a desirable post-work world might look like. The emphasis is not on imagining some distant future, but on an alternative present which is based on that which is already possible today.

ic-date-accent 1 - 31/12
Times of Power

Permanent exhibition on the Galeb ship

A permanent exhibition on the Galeb ship – the revived ship is a symbol and witness of the political and social history of the 20th century.

ic-date-accent 1/4 - 31/1
Times of Power

Sugar Palace

With a grand ceremony in the renovated baroque palace of the former sugar factory administrative building, the permanent display opens of the City Museum of Rijeka which covers the economic and social history of Rijeka from the 18th to the 21st centuries.