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ic-date-accent 12/9 - 31/1
Times of Power

D’Annunzio’s Martyr exhibition

Forming part of the pre-programme of the "Borders – Between Order and Chaos", this exhibition commemorates the 100th anniversary of d'Annunzio's occupation of Rijeka by personifying the city as a woman and alluding to his many mistresses, who were left physically and emotionally drained after he ended their relationship, just like the city of Rijeka

ic-date-accent 6/12 - 31/1
Times of Power

Violins Above Borders / Stradivari in Rijeka – Kresnik and Cremona

The Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka is holding an exhibition entitled “Violins Above Borders / Stradivari in Rijeka – Kresnik and Cremona“ to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Franjo Kresnik, “the man who read violins”, a Rijeka native who made violins and cracked the code to making the…

ic-date-accent 29/7 - 10/10

ART / WAR / TRANSITION (1990 – 2000 – 2010 – 2020 – 2021)

Due to the dramatic circumstances surrounding the coronavirus pandemic that have led to inevitable changes in the implementation of the European Capital of Culture - Rijeka 2020 programme, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka has decided to hold a radical exhibition, which showcases the key moments, segments, poetics, "mediasations" and innovative artistic…

ic-date-accent 19/8 - 10/10

Digital Exhibition Watergate // OSTRALE – Biennale of Contemporary Art

OSTRALE – The Dresden Biennale of Contemporary Art has been exhibiting the curators’ choices of the best contemporary art for 12 years.

ic-date-accent 20/8 - 31/10

The Sea is Glowing

An international group exhibition which deals with the invisible economies linked to the sea. In their works, world-respected artists deal with unusual and radical phenomena, from strange online shops to the empires of amateur pornography and other golden coasts.

ic-date-accent 28/8 - 1/12
Sweet & Salt

Fiume Fantastika: Phenomena of the City

Fiume Fantastika: Phenomena of the City is a central exhibition of the Sweet&Salt programme flagship, realized within the Rijeka 2020 - European Capital of Culture project. Based on recent research by DeltaLab - Centre for Urban Transition, Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Rijeka, the exhibition follows the last hundred and fifty years of…

ic-date-accent 20/9 - 1/10
Kitchen of Diversity

Days of the Discarded

A sales exhibition of restored waste items, expertly led workshops and short, inspirational lectures in the form of TED Talks are part of the programme of Days of the Discarded by which the transformative power of art in the work with discarded items and discarded communities is demonstrated.

ic-date-accent 24/9 - 16/10

Retrospective exhibition by Nika Oblak and Primož Novak

The retrospective exhibition by the Slovene artists Nika Oblak and Primož Novak will be opened to the public at the Filodrammatica Gallery (28/1 Korzo Street, Rijeka) on Thursday, 26 September at 7 p.m.

ic-date-accent 9/10
27 Neighbourhoods

Border District – Drenova neighbourhood

The neighbourhood of Drenova is always bringing together cultural and curious people with new contents and at the same time acts as a local coworking space, a place of residence, the exchange of ideas and experiments.

ic-date-accent 15 - 17/10
Kitchen of Diversity

Smoqua – Festival of Feminist and Queer Culture 2020: Semo Qua*

The Smoqua international Festival of Queer and Feminist Culture is presented by a combination of an artistic, activist and fun programme and carries the theme Semo Qua in the local Fiuman dialect meaning Here we are.

ic-date-accent 23/10 - 23/1
Children’s House

Balthazartown: exhibition

In Rijeka, the original Balthazartown, the first major exhibition dedicated to Professor Balthazar is opening.

ic-date-accent 25/10
27 Neighbourhoods

Spin the Wheel! – Vrbnik Neighbourhood

When we remember Vrbnik the melody of an old song about the girls from the town above the sea come to mind… Of course, Vrbnik is much more than that, and the people of Vrbnik show us that in their programme. In a circle of togetherness and good vibrations old and new spin, tradition and…