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ic-date-accent 25 - 29/3
Times of Power

POSTPONED! Rijeka Film Festival

A new Rijeka film festival thematises the questions of totalitarianism, power and fear, with a focus on the conflict of the collective and the individual.

ic-date-accent 1 - 30/4
Children’s House

POSTPONED! The Month of Good Children’s Books

The Month of Good Children’s Books, as the largest regional celebration of the youngest readers, in the city library Rijeka 2020 gathers together a series of creative and educational workshops, walks, book games and guest appearances.

ic-date-accent 16 - 18/4
Kitchen of Diversity

Migrants Day

Migrants Day is dedicated to the theme of Afrofuturism as a political and cultural movement, and also deals with the issue of the current refugee crisis.

ic-date-accent 24 - 26/4
Sweet & Salt

Spring Forward

A festival which represents the best young European authors of contemporary dance.

ic-date-accent 1 - 3/5
Kitchen of Diversity

Liberated Rijeka

A cultural programme to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Rijeka Liberation Day which celebrates the memory of one of the most difficult World War II liberation battles in this part of Europe

ic-date-accent 21 - 23/5
Kitchen of Diversity

Smoqua – Festival of Feminist and Queer Culture 2020: Semo Qua*

The Smoqua international Festival of Queer and Feminist Culture is presented by a combination of an artistic, activist and fun programme and carries the theme Semo Qua in the local Fiuman dialect meaning Here we are.

ic-date-accent 25 - 26/5
Kitchen of Diversity

Review of Small Literature: Return of the Imagination

The programme of the Review of Small Literature with the title the Return of the Imagination has a geographical focus on the Mediterranean, especially on the Balkan and Arab regions because these regions have been affected by great migrations over recent decades, and migrations are a theme which has always been close to Rijeka.

ic-date-accent 31/5 - 5/6
Kitchen of Diversity

Festival of the European Short Story and the Hay Festival

The very best European and global writers meet the audience with public readings, book presentations, discussions, lectures, literary workshops and socialising. Writers from all over the world present their literary work, as well as their football skills.

ic-date-accent 15 - 21/6
Kitchen of Diversity

One City: One Goal – The Capital of Culture Cup and a Concert of Fans’ Songs

The One City: One Goal programme comes from the unusual mix of music and football, and a spectacle of the game returns to the legendary Kantrida.

ic-date-accent 26/6 - 10/7
Children’s House

Tobogan Festival

Two weeks of attractive children’s workshops, shows, concerts, street performances, games and film screenings plus, the already traditional, spectacular opening on the city’s streets.

ic-date-accent 1/7
Sweet & Salt

Sailor Sweet & Salt Music Festival

A multidisciplinary project that combines science, art and popular culture and includes a selection of pop, rock and electronic music artists.

ic-date-accent 13/9
Kitchen of Diversity

Porto Etno Warm-up

In 2020 the musical, gastronomic and cultural and artistic programme Porto Etno – Festival of World Music and Gastronomy is developing under the theme of TOGETHER and brings a new vision of society based on the experiences of Rijeka’s Port of Diversity.