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ic-date-accent 1/4 - 30/12
Sweet & Salt

POSTPONED! Školjić 2.0

The programme includes spatial and programmatic interventions in public areas and other spaces with the aim of the revitalisation of the wider area of Školjić, i.e. the zone along the Rječina river. The programme is being implemented through the close collaboration with the citizens who live, and the organisations that operate, in this area.

ic-date-accent 1 - 3/5
Kitchen of Diversity

Liberated Rijeka

A cultural programme to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Rijeka Liberation Day which celebrates the memory of one of the most difficult World War II liberation battles in this part of Europe

ic-date-accent 6 - 9/5
27 Neighbourhoods

Together in Diversity – Pehlin neighbourhood

Pehlin, a neighbourhood in Rijeka with a long history of being on the periphery, is today most recognisable as a multicultural community. Along with the Croatian population, also living here fostering their own cultural specificities are Roma and Czech communities as well as other communities. There are also many carnival groups working in Pehlin, and…

ic-date-accent 14 - 17/5
27 Neighbourhoods

The Centre of the Universe – Turnić-Mlaka neighbourhood

Čandek street, urban legends, punk, industry, alternative, technical culture, radio waves, the ISS - International Space Station, solar energy, sounds of space, NASA, MIT laboratory, innovators, urban salt works, graffiti, the INA refinery… all of these are common denominators of the Turnić-Mlaka neighbourhood.

ic-date-accent 21 - 23/5
Kitchen of Diversity

Smoqua – Festival of Feminist and Queer Culture 2020: Semo Qua*

The Smoqua international Festival of Queer and Feminist Culture is presented by a combination of an artistic, activist and fun programme and carries the theme Semo Qua in the local Fiuman dialect meaning Here we are.

ic-date-accent 21 - 24/5
27 Neighbourhoods

Salty Culture – Malinska neighbourhood

The sea is the reason why young people are staying in the neighbourhood of Malinska. Salty Culture speaks about salt – the seasoning without which everything is tasteless, as well as about the sea as a great love and the spice of life.

ic-date-accent 21 - 28/5

Chorus – Ray Lee (UK)

A monumental musical installation composed of kinetic sound sculptures.

ic-date-accent 25 - 26/5
Kitchen of Diversity

Review of Small Literature: Return of the Imagination

The programme of the Review of Small Literature with the title the Return of the Imagination has a geographical focus on the Mediterranean, especially on the Balkan and Arab regions because these regions have been affected by great migrations over recent decades, and migrations are a theme which has always been close to Rijeka.

ic-date-accent 4 - 6/6
27 Neighbourhoods

Brod on Different Cultures – Brod na Kupi Neighbourhood

Brod na Kupi is wild nature, a river and forest, and there is a border crossing hidden in the wilderness. The border zone is a specific form of a coexistence of neighbours, in this case, Brod na Kupi and Petrina who share administrate formalities such as Schengen and political views about the migrant crisis.

ic-date-accent 12 - 13/6

Workers’ Songs of Emerging Eorlds – Tomoko Momiyama (JP)

The project deals with workers’ songs and songs which were sung during work.

ic-date-accent 15 - 21/6
Kitchen of Diversity

One City: One Goal – The Capital of Culture Cup and a Concert of Fans’ Songs

The One City: One Goal programme comes from the unusual mix of music and football, and a spectacle of the game returns to the legendary Kantrida.

ic-date-accent 26/6 - 10/7
Children’s House

Tobogan Festival

Two weeks of attractive children’s workshops, shows, concerts, street performances, games and film screenings plus, the already traditional, spectacular opening on the city’s streets.