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ic-date-accent 21/3 - 13/6
Children’s House

POSTPONED! The Happy Little House – Ivana Đula (HR), Milica Sinkauz (HR) and Morana Dolenc (HR)

A travelling puppet show for the youngest inspired by the story of the establishment of a little library in Gorski Kotar.

ic-date-accent 1/5 - 31/12
Children’s House

Sense of Play – Snøhetta (NO)

The Children’s House becomes richer with a sensory installation of Nordic design.

ic-date-accent 1/5 - 31/12
Children’s House, Sweet & Salt

Balthazar’s Uragan Boat – Benussi & the Fish – Dorja Benussi (HR) and Ivan Benussi (RS)

We’re turning the old boat Uragan into a children’s playground with a view of Balthazartown!

ic-date-accent 28/5 - 31/12
ic-date-accent 26/6 - 10/7
Children’s House

Tobogan Festival

Two weeks of attractive children’s workshops, shows, concerts, street performances, games and film screenings plus, the already traditional, spectacular opening on the city’s streets.

ic-date-accent 28 - 29/6
Children’s House

Bomboniera Variete! – Matija Solce (SI)

A puppet cabaret on the marketplace – an original project based on motifs from the history of the city of Rijeka and the Rijeka Puppet Theatre is presented within the Tobogan Festival and upon the 60th anniversary of the Rijeka Puppet Theatre.

ic-date-accent 1 - 10/7
Children’s House, Sweet & Salt

Children of the Port – Denis Kirinčić (HR)

The performance The Children of the Port is a professionally led theatre performance based on the book Rijeka Rock Anthems by Zoran Žmirić. Performing in the show are children who have been rehearsing and co-creating the performance for a year under the expert guidance of mentor and author Denis Kirinčić.

ic-date-accent 7 - 9/8
27 Neighbourhoods

The Happy Village Kuti – Kuti neighbourhood

In 1936 in a small village of thirty houses in the north of Gorski Kotar some progressive local people gathered together to hear a new idea from the handsome Anton Burić. They founded the Croatian reading room and brought an initial collection of books from donations across Croatia and overseas countries.

ic-date-accent 21/8 - 1/1
Children’s House

Balthazartown: exhibition

In Rijeka, the original Balthazartown, the first major exhibition dedicated to Professor Balthazar is opening.

ic-date-accent 18 - 19/9
Kitchen of Diversity

Porto Etno – the Festival of World Music and Gastronomy 2020

In 2020 the musical, gastronomic and cultural and artistic programme Porto Etno – Festival of World Music and Gastronomy is developing under the theme of TOGETHER and brings a new vision of society based on the experiences of Rijeka’s Port of Diversity.

ic-date-accent 30/10 - 2/11
Children’s House

Oh la la – Mateja Bizjak Petit (FR/SI)

A show for the youngest audience Oh la la is theatre from a trunk: a game of words, colour and rhythm.

ic-date-accent 1/11
Children’s House

Sensory Theatre – Theatre for All the Senses – Rustle, sniff, whoosh!

A multi-sensory, musical puppet show for children with various autism spectrum disorders which, through an intimate performance, intertwines live music and numerous sensory experiences.