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Event archive

ic-date-accent 14/2
Times of Power

Gala concert: Venice Baroque Orchestra (IT) & Giuliano Carmignola (IT)

One of the best baroque ensembles and one of the best violinists of baroque music.

ic-date-accent 7 - 9/2
27 Neighbourhoods

Bell-ringer’s Symphony – Čavle Neighbourhood

Blackened faces, covered with sheepskin, wearing chequered shirts, black trousers, thick white woollen socks and heavy work shoes. On their heads they wear a skull dressed with sheepskin, around their necks black scarves. Parading through the villages, ringing they form a circle as though taking us back to our roots. The whole of Grobnik resounds.

ic-date-accent 6/2
Programme Plus

Les Vents Francais (FR)

A concert by a wind ensemble of world-class musicians which has performed at numerous concert halls and theatres throughout the world.

ic-date-accent 6 - 9/2
Times of Power

Film Mutations: Festival of Invisible Cinema – Kinoclask! The Power of Cinema

The international Film Mutations festival symposium deals with the reinterpretation of the role of cinema, as well with its emancipatory potential; film as the eye of the century.

ic-date-accent 4 - 15/2
Kitchen of Diversity

Engaged, Active, Aware – Female Perspectives Today

Selected female authors from Europe and the rest of the world examining the actual role of photography in the articulation of the female experience.

ic-date-accent 1/2
Programme Plus

Opening of the European Capital of Culture – Opera Industriale in Rijeka’s port

In the opening programme Rijeka pays tribute to the workers, to the avant-garde and to the tradition of the region which surrounds it and at the same time recalls the fundamental social values on which modern Europe was built

ic-date-accent 1/2
Programme Plus

Opening Ceremony in the Theatre

The Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc hosts the ceremonial part of the ECoC opening, with short music and stage performances and welcome speeches.

ic-date-accent 31/1 - 20/4
Programme Plus

With the Collection – David Maljković (HR)

An exhibition which transforms the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art into a live collective body by exhibiting it with numerous interactions, with people and events.

ic-date-accent 29/1 - 31/1
Times of Power

Environment of Remembrance – Art as a Resistance to Repression

The works of selected artists, who produced their artworks as a reaction to what they had seen following a visit to the camp on Goli Otok, will be presented on large posters throughout Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.

ic-date-accent 24/1
Times of Power

Rijeka’s Talent on Kresnik’s Violins – Matej Mijalić and Ivan Graziani (HR)

As part of the Violins above Borders exhibition young violinists from Rijeka play Kresnik’s violins which are stored in the Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka.

ic-date-accent 15/1 - 15/2
Times of Power

The (In)visible Borders Exhibition

As part of the preliminary programme of the Borders – Between Order and Chaos exhibition, which is the central event in the Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral for Rijeka 2020 - European Capital of Culture within its Times of Power flagship, this Wednesday, 15 January will see the opening of the (In)visible…

ic-date-accent 9/1 - 3/2
27 Neighbourhoods

Exhibition “Cultural Memory of the Spanish Civil War”

The ten double-sided external pop-up exhibition stands, set up along the walkway leading up to the STEP RI (Science and Technology Park Rijeka), tell the story of the Spanish Civil War, which lasted from 1936 to 1939, explain the role of volunteer soldiers from Rijeka, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, and ultimately from all of Croatia, as…