The neighbourhood of Drenova is always bringing together cultural and curious people with new contents and at the same time acts as a local coworking space, a place of residence, the exchange of ideas and experiments.

The Border District programme initiates the idea of the use of those potentials in the settlement which could become a driving force of the development of content aimed at the spending of quality free time. The programme follows the idea of the exchange of knowledge and ideas and is divided into three days. The Day of Culture when the Drenova micro cultural atmosphere is presented along with the opening of an exhibition and choral singing, and then promotion of the Drenova paths and the presentation of the European neighbourhood of the Belgian city of Mons and the global archive of knowledge the Mundeanum Institute. The Day of Nature is a full-day trip into nature and the focus of attention is on the European Cornel (Cornus mas) as a super plant, its tasting and an exhibition dedicated to the Drenova arboretum. The Digital Day is a demonstration of advanced digital technologies, artificial intelligence, the ČAI (Chakavian Artificial Intelligence) project, digital assistants and the new roles of robots in museums. Every day there are also thematic roundtables with eminent experts from the discussed fields. Special attention is dedicated to the programmes for the youngest wherein children actively participate in the creation of digital Drenova stories in the Chakavian language.