From my childhood, when I spent my holidays in my family cottage, I always felt an indescribable connection to surroundings of mountains, forest and wild “empty” spaces in Delnice.

Gorski Kotar represents a barrier between the continental and coastal Croatia. It’s a region of mountains, rivers and lakes and area where people live with nature and nature’s green laws.​ Also known as a “Devils garden” area represents undiscovered part of Croatia with the potential of development of tourism and culture.

My research inside of this artistic work was discovering stories that embedded with the life of the local environment. On the path, I find out a legend about Alaruna, little piece of the root of wood in the form of human shape. From the testimonials, they bring hope, happiness and peace for their founders.  From another hand, legend says that this piece of root intensifies the energy of they keepers.

This legend inspired me to make a new text and audio piece “Alraune-a story from another side of the grave or the secret of Bakracev waterfall.”

Link on the story (for now only available in Croatian).

Text and photos: Matija Kezele