Tancaj 2020 – is a new, fresh, unusual and fun dance festival in which young and old, local people and guests, professionals and amateurs dance in the streets, squares, beaches and all the possible and impossible places in the town of Krk. From folklore to Movementality!

Tancaj 2020 is a festival of dance and music, of new dance expressions and unusual combinations of traditional and contemporary music. The innovative and experimental programme in which folklore and contemporary dance expressions are combined, and compositions and choreographies develop via the collaboration of musicians, choreographers, the community, folklore societies and tourists, has the aim to develop an intergenerational dialogue, to bring the local population closer and create an atmosphere unburdened by the seasonal cycles of tourism. Viva la Polka, Folklore Attack, Movementality, New Heritage – each of these programme elements deals with dance and movement in a distinctive and different way, connecting the town and village, Krk and the surroundings, through the programme. For such an ambitious undertaking the neighbourhood of Krk teamed up with the Riga Folk-Dancing Club ensemble.