The sea is the reason why young people are staying in the neighbourhood of Malinska. Salty Culture speaks about salt – the seasoning without which everything is tasteless, as well as about the sea as a great love and the spice of life.

The Malinska neighbourhood team is one of the youngest teams in the 27 Neighbourhoods flagship gathered together in the Termen association. Just as the title of the association translated from the island dialect means cyclamen, their work means a positive change by bringing the fresh atmosphere of the young generation of adults that grew up on the island.

The programme is divided into flavours, sounds, smells and colours. The flavours are included in the Food Revolution Day – Congress of Health and the International Congress about the Food Industry. The sounds are spread by Jazz on Jaz. The smells are spread via Salty Lungs when local people and guests plant new trees and learn about nature in nature. The colours are spread through Creative Growth, an event and exhibition in which all ages are included. Malinska and Bilbao, Termen and Ubiqa (ES) have begun a friendship, some produce a programme, others have the tools with which to make it internationally visible.