A special version of the International Carnival Parade brings carnival groups to Rijeka from other cities – the European Capitals of Culture.

With their local customs and imaginativeness numerous foreign carnival groups, especially those from European capitals of culture enrich the International Carnival Parade, as the jewel in the crown of the carnival celebrations in Kvarner in 2020.

The International Carnival Parade is the crown of the carnival celebrations in Kvarner, and beyond. A competition in imagination, humour and originality, a firework of colours and shapes, results in a parade of hundreds of allegorical floats, thousands of masks and countless numbers of spectators from home and abroad. The parade is a review of traditional and urban carnival groups, who with their masks attempt to give an overview of current social events.

Nowhere in the world is it possible to experience such a distinctive European people’s carnival based on historical and cultural customs and elements of folklore and mythology. The slogan of this long-standing event is: “Be what you want to be, come to the Rijeka Carnival!”