A training programme for filmmakers that brings together more than 100 experts in the European audiovisual industry

EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs) is one of the leading European organisations that has been providing professional training to filmmakers for over thirty years in Europe and beyond and organises a series of trainings, the most well-known being a workshop for producers. It is a year-long programme that includes three seven-day workshops focusing on the development of feature and documentary film and television projects.

Throughout 2020, EAVE workshops are being held in Luxembourg and Galway, while a third, final session will take place in Opatija and Rijeka with filmmakers, directors of national film centres, sales agents, TV editors and distributors. The workshop brings together more than 100 film professionals and professionals in the European audiovisual industry.

The EAVE programme is intended for producers who want to increase their visibility on the European level by broadening their knowledge of co-productions and strengthening contacts with their European counterparts. In addition to producers, these workshops are often attended by experts in related fields, such as law, economics, media and others. The project emphasises the cooperation and networking of the two European capitals of culture, to further encourage the participation and cooperation of film professionals from Primorje-Gorski Kotar County and from Galway.

Considering the fact that Rijeka represents the meeting point of European creative cultural industries in 2020, this programme contributes to a better positioning of Croatian filmmakers in the European context.