Aim: to embody the spirit of the place

During his many years of artistic creation, one of the most famous Italian graffiti artists of today, Eron, developed a unique, original and distinctive style that placed him high on the world’s muralist rankings. The strength of his works comes from the encounter of the present moment and the past of the place in which he’s intervening, and the tension of the visible and the invisible is further accentuated by the frequent optical effects or depictions of figures with fuzzy outlines, reminiscent of faded photographs. Eron’s mural is located near the hospital (formerly the Naval Academy), the fire brigade (with the historic lazaretto of St Charles Borromeo) and the new Benčić Cultural Quarter (which was a factory complex until 1995).

The unusual stylistic exchange of traditional painting and street art techniques paired with content that artistically approaches what is documented encourages passers-by to engage in reflection that does not stop only at the aesthetic experience.

The team of curators is made up of Kora Girin (HR), Nataša Šuković (HR), Slaven Tolj (HR) and external curator Saša Bogojev (HR).