Times of Power

The Times of Power flagship deals with Rijeka as a laboratory of European history, awareness and consciousness.

Great European Art Responds to Crisis

Over the last 100 years, our City has changed countries seven times. Rijeka has outlived occupations, liberations, monarchies, crumbling empires, socio-political revolutions and collapses. Numerous personalities that marked the 20th century marched through the centre of Rijeka while being greeted uproariously. Seasons of Power explores the historical shifts, current manifestations and perspectives of the notion, structures, experience and displays of power, ranging from intimate spheres of experience to totalitarian regimes that transformed the told and untold stories of Rijeka.

Many activities, projects and programmes of Seasons of Power will take place in and around local memorial landmarks and buildings, whose purpose, among other things, was to showcase power – the Governor’s Palace, the building of the Croatian National Theatre, the Sugar Refinery Palace, Bare Island, the Lipa Remembers Memorial Centre, Tito’s ship Galeb – as well as places that official history has forgotten. The experience of dividedness has shaped the identity of many European cities. Rijeka, a city that for decades was divided by a border along the Rječina River is an example of cynical political demarcations. So while barbed wire is put up across Europe, the history of Rijeka simultaneously becomes a threatening and cautionary mirror held up for Europe and beyond.