We are proud to be a part of such a special cultural event which is sure to leave an indelible mark on Rijeka.

Student Centre Rijeka is one of the oldest constituents of the University of Rijeka. This year Student Centre Rijeka celebrates its monumental 60th anniversary. Since established, we’ve catered to numerous student needs as well as upgraded the standard through four elementary services: food service, accommodation, temporary or part-time employment as well as free-time and leisure activities. Through our work we continuously develop new services and upgrade those existing while keeping up with modern trends. Our professional and enthusiastic employees will greet you with a smile wishing you a good day with every step you take through our numerous restaurants, cafes, buffets, and bistros. For any additional questions you can turn to our employees in student dormitories and management buildings.

While ensuring high standards are met, our creative catering team has also delighted the palates of University employees and their guests for years with their culinary specialties. If you ever find yourself on our student Campus, make sure to stop by our Student Shop or join us on of many free-time and leisure activities. For all those visiting Rijeka in the summer who are looking for the ideal accommodation at a low price, there is our Student dormitory Ivan Goran Kovačić. When you start feeling hungry, join us at Index, our best known restaurant in the city center.

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