The Rab Archaeological Traces mobile application will be introduced from 19-21 November 2020 as a supplement to a project of the same name that has been initiated as part of the 27 Neighbourhoods flagship.

During the first stage of the project, introduced to the general public in June of this year, three educational trails were set up with a total length of 40 km, which connect more than 30 archaeological, sacral and ethnographic sites neatly tucked away in the intact landscapes of the island. During the second stage, an interactive mobile application has been developed, which combines navigational and augmented reality (virtual characters) features, audio and video content, various interesting titbits, trivia quizzes, games and taking AR photos. The app serves as a kind of a guide along the trails.

The programme begins on Thursday, 19 Novemberwith a presentation of the application and a new promotional video, along with the handover of the time capsule. It will take place at the Rab Cinema, starting at 6.30 pm, and is intended for guests, media representatives and the general public.

On Saturday, 21 November, anyone interested will get a chance to experience the app first-hand during a hike on the Frux trail, one of the three educational trails, under the expert guidance of Ana Konestra, PhD (Institute of Archaeology) and curator Ranko Starac (Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka). The departure is at 10.00 am outside the Church of St. Peter in Supetarska Draga. After the completion of the programme, an arranged bus transfer will take the hikers back to their vehicles. Apart from the help provided via this fun app, those involved will be guided by two archaeologists who, as expert associates, have been part of the project since its inception. During the light stroll, they will walk along a section of the Premužićeva Trail, which is considered by many to be a masterpiece of dry stone walling. This is a 6.5 km long trail that connects the towns of Supetarska Draga and Lopar. Walking along the trail, apart from the archaeologically significant sections such as the remains of the Abbey of St. Peter, the early-Christian and Medieval churches and prehistoric hillforts, one also encounters dry stone walls indicative of the intense economic exploitation of what used to be an exceptionally fertile and water-rich area, and the fascinating scenery dominated by the Fruška lokva (pool) and the surreal soil erosions.

Apart from the programme intended for the general public, on Thursday and Friday, 19 and 20 November, cycling tours of the Epario and Capo Fronte trails will be organised for media representatives who register in advance. All information on the press trips can be obtained at: 098/470-545 or


In a survey of the intact island landscapes, the Rab Archaeological Traces mobile app presents valuable archaeological, sacral and ethnographic heritage spanning from the prehistoric period all the way to the beginning of the 20th century. The sites, which include protected landscape sections, are presented through 33 info points connected by about 40 km of educational trails, spanning the towns of Kampor (the Capo Fronte trail), Lopar (the Epario trail) and Supetarska Draga (the Frux trail). Some of the sites are found in archaeological strata and require a more diligent search, while others impress with structures that have been defying time for centuries. Apart from the navigational features and information on the sites themselves, the app also provides a wealth of interesting titbits, legends and traditions related to life on the island and to the island itself. Virtual characters telling historical tales, audio guides, augmented reality and learning through games and quizzes are only some of the activities that are bound to transform your exploration of the island into an unforgettable experience. The application works offline and is intended for hikers, cyclists, mountain climbers and all lovers of nature and cultural heritage. Which trail you take is entirely up to you, and if you happen to find yourself among the most successful hikers, rewards are there for the taking.

Participation in the tour of the trails is at your own risk. Be sure to give the battery of your device a full charge and to download all the available content in your chosen language before using the app. The application is intended to run on newer generations of devices and operating systems.

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