Lungomare is a meeting point and a point of reinterpretation of natural, social and historical heritage through contemporary art, aiming at connecting local communities and visitors – temporary cohabitants of our region.
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A wandering museum

The selected locations of the Lungomare flagship – Brseč, Lovran and Lovranska Draga, Volosko, the beaches of Pećine and Kantrida in Rijeka, the Rijeka fish market, Kostrena, Bakar, Crikvenica, Zebar in Vinodol, Lopar on Rab, Baška on Krk, the town of Cres and Beli and Lubenice on Cres, Mali Lošinj and island of Susak – make up the natural belt surrounding the bay of Kvarner. They represent different types of communities – city, industrial, tourist, rural, insular, fishing or maritime.

The idiosyncrasies of these locations will be interpreted by means of contemporary art in two ways: the literary – short stories inspired by the locations – and a series of 15 specially designed art installations dedicated to Lungomare communities and placed throughout the region, curated by Michal Koleček, whereas the partner museums, the Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral and the Natural History Museum of Rijeka, will also showcase specificities at 15 Lungomare stations on the basis of which a digital display of the route will be designed.

We chose a cultural tourist route with stations at art installations, adapted to the localities and maintained with the cooperation of the local population, lasting all year round.

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