Andrea Kustić

Communications and Marketing Associate



Andrea has been working in graphic design for about fifteen years now, ever since he completed the graphic design programme at the School of Applied Arts. He then enrolled in Graphic Design at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka, started working for advertising agencies as well as doing various design and pre-press jobs on a freelance basis.

This versatile designer has also been a co-chairman of Arterija suvremene umjetnosti, a contemporary art association organising various arts events, and the chairman of Posve moguća družina Rijeke, an association which brings diverse multidisciplinary art projects into existence.

He has exhibited around the country and abroad (Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Italy, Germany). Alongside traditional media production (drawings, prints), he also works with conceptual art, video art and visual design in general. Member of the Croatian Association of Artists (HDLU) in Rijeka.

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