Vedrana Kariž

General Affairs Coordinator



Vedrana used to be a fairly normal person, travelling around the world working on passenger ships as a beautician, after which she anchored herself at wellness centres and ran aground in the Business Economics department at the VERN University of Applied Sciences.

Things were pretty much normal, she worked in sales at various companies, achieved objectives, met deadlines… and then aliens started abducting her. She was first taken five years ago, after which she had trouble sleeping and started noticing baby food stains on her clothes, so she had to be very careful when choosing what to wear outside.

She was abducted again three years ago when they imprinted the lyrics to an inordinately large number of children’s songs and information about bizarre cartoon characters onto her brain.

She’s used to being abducted by aliens so she didn’t mind being snapped up by culture vultures (they’re pretty much the same) and now she’s in charge of the furniture, computers, office equipment and tech support in general at Rijeka 2020. Vedrana occasionally exhibits strange behaviour like running up the Trsat staircase or going to the gym during lunch breaks.

She does all she can to be normal.
As normal as she can be.


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