Marko Jovanović

Brick House Programme Associate



“Hello? Hello? I need to tell you something, but I can’t hear you! My phone’s giving up on me!”
Don’t worry, ma’m, all your problems will soon be fixed! Marko’s on the line.
Marko used to work at T-Com’s remote tech support department. He liked fixing problems because it made him feel good.

That’s why he also liked working on culture-related projects, which were rarely short on problems. He has organised concerts and exhibitions at the Rijeka Youth Club, coordinated the Rijeka edition of the Gallery Rally, worked at various festivals, such as KnockOut Snow Festival, Labyrinth Open Festival, Hideout Festival, Dimensions, Outlook etc.
Thru the Bushes is the baby he shares with Nela Simić and which he loves dearly.

After fixing the problems of all those festivals, he asked despondently: „Is that it? Are there no problems left for me to fix? Have I vanquished them all?“
We at Rijeka 2020 just smiled and hired him as an Brick House Programme Associate.
We’re sure that he’ll really like it here.

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