Nemanja Cvijanović

Programme Coordinator (Kitchen of Diversity)



Nemanja was born in the dark in a mixed marriage to atheist parents in Rijeka. He graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia with a degree in painting and earned his postgraduate degree in visual art design and production from the Department of Architecture and Arts of the IUAV University in Venice.

Our Kitchen flagship coordinator is also an international visual artist and seasoned freelancer, as well as President of the Self-Governed Community of Interests and manager of the SIZ Gallery. His works tackle social and political issues by establishing connections with events from the recent past as a product of his fascination with the phenomenon of collective memory.

He speaks by emphasising the position of responsibility and awareness in relation to the anomalies of contemporary society by engaging observers in an intriguing relationship with memory, changes to value systems, propaganda, consumerism and mass media.

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