Tanja Kalčić

Head of Participation and Capacity Building

Contact:  tanja.kalcic@rijeka2020.eu


Tanja Kalčić graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Rijeka, but her expertise in statics was soon distracted by dynamics and movement – dance, yoga and pilates. This desire for movement led her to the Moving Academy for Performing Arts and to various dance classes and workshops in Amsterdam, Berlin, Belgrade and other European cities. Her education in management in arts and culture was put to good use for several years in the Prostor Plus association for performing arts.

Over time her new found love for informal education turned into programme design, EU project management (informal management in culture), and has designed curricula for competency recognition. She joined the team in the second round of the bidding process, and is currently head of the Classroom programme, designed to build capacities in culture and empower local communities.


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