Lela Vujanić

Programme Manager (Kitchen of Diversity)

Contact: lela.vujanic@rijeka2020.eu


Lela was born in the worst and most beautiful neighbourhood ever, the Sisak Iron and Steel Factory, where artists moulded and crafted iron sculptures, so the aesthetics and themes are very industrial. She graduated philosophy and comparative literature in Zagreb. She landed in New York in 2011, just as the Occupy movement was starting, and used her prestigious Fulbright scholarship in a less prestigious way, by visiting the occupations and researching radical American policies.

Being a tireless worker, she organised festival, conferences on self-organisation, produced obscure TV shows, she was an editor of marginal magazines such as 04 – Magazine for hacking reality. She is a proud member of the Women’s Anti-Fascist Network of Zagreb.

The printed word is her passion, and social movements her inspiration. She can’t decide if she is in favour of fully abolishing labour or making work available to everyone.

She has been living in Rijeka since September 2017, she can’t cook anything, and her workplace is named Kitchen.


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