Marija Katalinić

Participatory Programme Coordinator



Marija Katalinić has recently decided to move from Berlin – where she is nearly done with her PhD in cultural studies (Humboldt) – to Rijeka. Having recognised the importance of the RIJEKA 2020 project, she has made a decision, after years of being away, to return and work on a project she deems of key importance for the future of this city.

It was in Zagreb, London and Berlin that she refined her academic expertise and life the longest. And, even though she has been working with documentary film and gender studies for the past few years, her knowledge and practice concerning city culture, ecology and urbanism are a perfect fit for her current position – participatory programme coordinator.

She regards her role in RIJEKA 2020 as extremely inspirational and hopes that her experience and knowledge from abroad will breathe new life into the ideas regarding civil and urban development.

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