Barbara Babačić

Chief Strategic Program Coordinator



Barbara has a degree in Culturology and is currently putting off her doctoral studies in literature, performance arts, film and culture in Zagreb. In addition to trying to infuse a bit of modern art into the old lady of Opatija with the OpArt Festival and revitalise the streets of Rijeka with murals, at the moment she is playing an important role in the preparation of the European Capital of Culture project as the production and logistics coordinator.

After spending several years at theatres across Europe, she focused on making documentaries, tackling difficult social issues in Palestine, Bolivia, India and elsewhere as a hobby.

Barbara wanted to describe herself with music via YouTube links but we didn’t let her because then the video for Nick Cave’s Jubilee Street would be at the forefront, as well as lyrics about how “she had a history, but she had no past” and how she was “flying”. She saves herself through humour, which is ever present in her life even in the darkest of times and she finds the term “apolitical” most amusing.

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