Dorotea Vitasović

Chief Legal Officer



Dorotea Visaković has spent the last 15 years softly whispering to legal paperwork, calming them down, taming them, has them eating from her hand. She learned how to do that at the Faculty of Law in Rijeka, and then tempered the knowledge in the Nada Badurina Law Firm. Life then guided her to the Rijeka City Museum and introduced her to culture. So it came to be that a perfectly normal lawyer got stuck with a bunch of people in culture, forced to learn their mysterious ways. When she got fed up, she would relax by putting on running shoes and disappearing for a few kilometres while thinking about redecorating the kitchen and raising kids.

Then she ran into the job competition for Legal Manager of Rijeka 2020 and realised that in a capital of culture, that position would be equal to Minister of Law.

Now, already fused with culture, she has taken this challenge head on and she will not rest until all of the team’s limitless inspiration and creative ideas are fully in accordance with regulations, laws and rules.


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