Zoran Krušvar

Programme Coordinator (Children's House)

Contact:  zoran.krusvar@rijeka2020.eu


Zoran Krušvar is an avid fan of those paper things with printed letters on them, the ones that smell nice when you’re listing through them and look pretty on shelves. He also has some education, psychology and then management in marketing, but he was drawn to other endeavours so he became a writer, journalist, cameraman, reporter for culture in Rijeka for the MojaRijeka.hr portal, and ultimately even a freelance artist for a full month.

He has had a couple of books published, received some awards and was translated to some foreign languages. Apart from writing, he designed and led various cultural projects, held creative writing workshops for kids and adults, and has recently been entertained by his Knjigopsija (eng. Bookopsy) project because it makes him read good books and discuss them with smart people.

He would like to inoculate children against ignorance and rudeness.



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