Lucija Polonijo

Programme Associate (Kitchen of Diversity)



One day, while she was washing glasses in a bar, a young artist named Lucija realised how the activity combined both water and work.  It produced a spark in her to migrate to our organisation.

She told us that she graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka and then went on to the Media Arts and Practice studies, where she took a shine to video performance and photography. Education was right up her alley, so she took part in workshops and seminars on cultural management, EU projects, production and other interesting topics.

In the meantime, she worked in costume design for film and theatre, managed the Gallery of the Student Cultural Centre at the University of Rijeka, founded the Akumulator organisation with her fellow artists, and started working at the Centre for Innovative Media in Rijeka.

Lucija wishes to initiate positive changes in the lives of her fellow citizens, so she has chosen to work in the Kitchen flagship.

She does not do the dishes in our Kitchen, though, but helps with organising numerous programmes aimed at various vulnerable social groups.

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