Jelena Milić

Programme Manager (Children's House)



As a child, Jelena realised that she needed more drama in her life. She set her eyes to the sky, parted the clouds, and enthusiastically convinced her friends in third grade that a drama studio was all they needed. That was her first experience with organisation in culture and she hasn’t stopped ever since.

She came from Karlovac to Rijeka to graduate culturology, obviously. She concluded that one river was better than four, and her nostalgia for the initials “KA” was healed by organising the Kastav Film Festival, first as an employee of the City of Kastav and then in the Kastav Cultural Summer association. She went through all organisational activities and aspects throughout her time there, and ultimately became the producer of this international festival.

Everything went great.

Everything went smoothly.

But there wasn’t enough drama!

The ECOC happened and Jelena decided to focus all of her knowledge and energy into the biggest cultural event of the region. She found her place in Rijeka 2020 as a producer, but she also sees herself as a member of the laughter, fun and partying sector.

Her contribution to the project is expected to involve just enough drama for her taste.


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