Iva Sušić

Organizer (Partnership and Protocol)

Contact: iva.susic@rijeka2020.eu


Iva was not meant to be a lawyer or a professor. She was destined to be a diplomat. For every question, she has an answer. For every problem, she has a solution.

Not a day goes by that she does not do some organising, promoting or communicating. Her mission is that even birds in the bush know what the European Capital of Culture is. This former law student was not done with university until she held an MA in education for Croatian language and literature and philosophy. Her love for the written word has made her organise her own book club and write for local news sites, while her thirst for knowledge has led her into education programmes in sustainable development, the Polish language and political management.

As a student, she was an active member of the Student Union and volunteered as a student attorney, trained professionally in elementary school, worked as a regional assistant in regional EU information offices and returned where she was meant to be – diplomacy.

She will leave her book kingdom for cake, and that one cake too many is worth burning off in CrossFit training.

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