Marta Glažar

Programme Coordinator (Lungomare)



At the very beginning of her culturology studies, Marta decided to spend most of her spare time volunteering in various NGOs and thus came to the association „3. zmaj“ where she’s been participating in the organization of the science fiction and fantasy convention “Rikon” for a number of years. Her love for film brought her into the realm of the seventh art, so for several summers she worked in the organization of the Liburnia Film Festival.

After working at various other festivals, her heart took her to Zadar, where she spent two years working in cultural tourism marketing. However, Rijeka 2020 – ECoC came at just the right time to bring her back to her hometown as Programme Coordinator in flagship Lungomare.

She fills her free time (when she can find some) by actively vacationing along with her dog, participating in quiz nights and witnessing good concerts. She is happy when she can reset her brain playing video games, and the happiest when she can blow off some steam during a Krav Maga training session.


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