Lena Stojiljković

Communication Coordinator

Contact: lena.stojiljkovic@rijeka2020.eu


Lena replaced the world of radio with communications and marketing, which meant that for the first time she actually had to put some serious thought into her wardrobe for work.

She came to Radio Rijeka when she was a child and hosted a show for children and young people as a hobby. Lena subsequently directed and hosted children’s music shows at local TV stations, where she was ultimately given the opportunity to address a more mature audience, while at the same time majoring in psychology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka. She went back behind the microphone, sans cameras, at Svid Radio, after which she breezed through the air at Radio Trsat and then spent 8 years at Total FM in Rijeka as Program Director.

Lena is a mother and common-law spouse, always in the mood for endless get-togethers with friends, whose motto might as well be: “Everything is going to be just fine!“. If a single day was 48 hours long, she would probably be working the entire 48 hours and when she crosses the line, we scare her with pigeons, because they are the only thing she is afraid of.

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