Iva Kelentrić

Programme Manager (Lungomare)

Contact: iva.kelentric@rijeka2020.eu


Iva was born on the Anti-Fascist Struggle Day, and then spent a long time believing that the day was marked red in the calendar because of her birthday. Thus, the battle against evil was rooted in her system from the beginning. While her girlfriends watched “Malavizija” and debated what dress to put on their Barbie dolls, Iva absorbed horror movies and thought of ways how to kill monsters and bad guys. Her first personal hero was Luke Skywalker, and he was also good at killing baddies.

Since Rijeka unfortunately lacked a Jedi Academy, she enrolled in Art History where she felt the Force in the plans of ancient temples. There she found a boyfriend, a dog, and an academic title. The dog’s name is Manu and Iva claim it’s the most beautiful dog in the world, but she also loves all other animals so she doesn’t eat them.

She spent seven years working in the Department of Culture of the City of Rijeka, but when Rijeka won the ECOC title, she immediately felt the Force building up, dusted off her lightsaber and came here to manage the Lungomare Flagship.


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