Bernard Koludrović

Partner Programme Manager



This Rijeka native was born in Trbovlje, and even though he doesn’t have anything to do with mines, he constantly sifts through words trying to get his PhD in comparative literature. He sees ECOC as an opportunity to also dig into social structures and the cultural development of Rijeka and feels like he’s going to strike gold.

An expert in culturology and comparative literature, he has lived in Zagreb for some time, and his studies have taken him on a journey of social activism, serious scientific work and less serious literary attempts. He wouldn’t settle just on his research on cultural theory and understanding identification practices so he went to work as the director of conference and educational programmes of the Subversive Festival.

Immersed in culture, he collaborates with several magazines and portals as a critic of culture and social analyst, runs PR for Model European Union Zagreb and organises conferences and public discussions from Vardar to Triglav. As if that’s not enough, he also works for the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, but refuses to tell us what that’s about.

He figured out his life was a bit too static and has come back to Rijeka to take charge of partner programme. He still hopes he’ll have time to write a good story.


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